10 Ways to Ace a Bid Interview Presentation!

    You are in the final stages of an important bid and now have a Bid Interview / Presentation to prepare for. In many ways, this is like a job interview and success will come from thorough preparation and making a persuasive connection with your interviewers. The 10 tips below will help you to […]

Who Is Marking Your Bid?

When composing responses to bids, how much thought do you give to those who will be marking the bid?  How much do they matter ... you just need to answer the questions, right?  Let's take an imaginary Facilities Management contract for a Housing Association ... How many will be on the evaluation panel? This can vary [...]

Will Grenfell be a Game Changer for Housing, Bidding and Contract Management?

Most of us will remember waking up on Wednesday 14th June to the news of a major fire in progress at Grenfell Tower, North Kensington. Switching on our TV channels, we watched helplessly as firefighters worked tirelessly to try to extinguish the fire and save any lives they could in the process. As a housing […]

7 Steps Clients Can Take to Attract Quality Bids

Smart clients are taking steps to ensure they attract a sufficient number of quality bids. Conversely, if clients adopt a “We’re the client; we set the rules; and bidders will just have to conform to what we want” they risk alienating bidders. When this happens, usually a lower number of bids are received – or […]

Bidding and Brexit – some of the questions

Since the Brexit vote, we have received a number of questions from our clients.  These include: 1. Is the OJEU process still applicable to UK public sector buyers? 2. Will Brexit spell the end of public sector procurement as we know it? 3. What effect may the Brexit vote have on how contractors handle their bidding requirements? In the […]

Procurement Reform in Scotland – Are You Ready for April 2016?

There are new rules affecting public procurement – most come into force on 18th April 2016. Whether you are a bidding organisation or a contracting authority – are you ready? What are the main changes and how will these impact on bidding? The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 introduces a new procurement regime for Scotland […]

Bidding for Social Housing Contracts? 10 points to ponder

To succeed when bidding for social housing maintenance contracts, tenderers need to demonstrate that they truly understand: the sector, the client, the residents and the communities in which they work.  If you can show good knowledge and empathy with the points below, you will find your tender evaluation scores starting to move northwards. 1. Context Show you get the […]

Making the most of Meet the Buyer

Meet the Buyer events are useful for a number of reasons, but many businesses don’t utilise them to their full potential. This article highlights 5 important benefits of attending a Meet the Buyer event. As an East Lothian based company, AM Bid Services took the opportunity to talk with both local buyers and suppliers about […]

How do you react when you see TUPE in a bid?

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) protects the rights of employees when their work transfers to a new employer. This article does not seek to provide employment or legal advice but instead focuses on 7 important considerations you need to make when preparing to manage TUPE within your bid process. Before […]

Bid-tastic start to 2016 for AM Bid Services!

Having started trading in October 2014, I am delighted to report that AM Bid Services Ltd is on a strong growth trajectory.  In addition to excellent first year results, we are also continuing to invest in business development, networking and social media.  Our team of experienced Bidding Associates is growing with new associates joining from Leeds […]