Ultimate Tender Coach


Unleash the power of successful tender writing with Ultimate Tender Coach – an online public sector bid training programme created by experts. Master the art of winning bids and unlocking new opportunities!

With £290 billion of UK public sector funds up for grabs each year, getting your business on board could be a game-changer. The potential rewards are huge – think guaranteed work, favourable payment terms and long term contracts; not to mention the convenience of dealing with one reliable source. Whether you’re large or small in size take advantage today!

Ultimate Tender Coach can give you the competitive edge in public sector bidding, whether you’re starting from scratch or needing to step up your proposal game. Transform how you approach bids and maximise your chances of success!

Take charge of your future and learn the necessary skills to win more business. This flexible programme provides you with modules covering all aspects of bid lifecycle, empowering you to create persuasive bids that will set up for success.

Get more out of your training than ever before with our program for successful bids. Enjoy weekly video coaching calls led by a bid professional, plus access to an exclusive expert forum packed full of valuable industry news, advice and banter. Make the small investment that brings big rewards today!

Ultimate Tender Coach - Week 1 Module 1.1

The bids and tenders industry is currently experiencing dramatic growth and development as more businesses realise the benefits that bid professionals can bring to their work-winning efforts. The career path of a bidding professional is gaining popularity as more university graduates are now being exposed to this due to its high demand and need.

In one of our latest articles, we explore some aspects of a bidding career, particularly for those just starting or looking to pursue this career path. We share some insights provided to us by ‘Generation Z’ bid professionals Kenneth Barrozo and Douglas Bryden, who have recently celebrated their first year with AM Bid and how our Ultimate Tender Coach online programme has helped support them.