At AM Bid (part of Bidding Limited), we’ve harnessed our expertise in bids and proposals to secure a winning track record of over 80% success rates for organisations on local, national and international levels.

Our specialists tap into their sector-specific knowledge to craft stories that get decision-makers’ attention, spanning 25+ industries!

Want to take your business’s success up another notch? AM Bid provides experienced bid and tender professionals who know exactly what it takes for you to win competitive public sector or private contracts. With the right kind of proposal help, the growth potential is exponential – no matter if you’re an established enterprise or a startup looking for its big break!

At AM Bid, we don’t just talk success – our clients can really feel it through an impressive 80% win rate on contracts worth anywhere from £50k to a whopping £500m. Our experienced team of bid writers and managers have been there and done that in over 25 sectors throughout the UK.

We provide comprehensive services, including writing expertise and management; bidding consultancy; staff provisioning solutions; presentation work for bids; and tender training to transform your opportunities into profitable business wins!

To discuss how you can win more profitable business, call AM Bid today on 0800 043 0495.


“During a full day workshop Philip Thomson made a potentially dry subject engaging and enjoyable. His practical approach based on many years of experience meant that we came away with many new insights and a much deeper understanding of the bids and tenders world. Thank

Inclusive E 1
Claire Williams, Managing Director
Inclusive Employers, August 2023
“We met AM Bid at a Procurex event in 2022, at the very beginning of our journey into public sector work (we had been focussed exclusively on private sector to date). It proved a timely meeting as we quickly engaged them to perform a Bid

Ap 1
Richard Jacobs, Managing Director
Alba Partners, June 2023
“We are delighted to have found AM Bid. They made all the difference to a recent high value bid, providing expert support, advice and bid writing input. Without their help, insight and knowledge of the public sector bidding process, we would not have won this

Envestors Edited Pic
Scott Haughton, Chief Operating Officer
Envestors, June 2023
“We have won a significant bid for cycle hangars with AM Bid’s assistance. Thank you to Andrew for the initial bid readiness workshop and to Chantelle in particular for delivering a fantastic MS Teams 3-hour bid kick off workshop with informative slides and great professionalism.

Cyclehoop 1
Aaron Matthews, Head of Sales
Cyclehoop, March 2023
“I have known Andrew and AM Bid for several years, but it wasn’t until mid-2021 that I fully engaged his services, shortly after I joined the board at Clancy. What I needed was someone that could help me navigate the fog of a department that,

Download Cg
Ronan Clancy, Executive Director
The Clancy Group, October 2022
“Andrew’s wealth of knowledge and experience are invaluable for any bidders wanting to go from good to great. His insights into the bidding world that were relayed on our tailored 1-day course have enabled us to fine-tune our processes and make our tender responses more

Ventro Logo
Jordan Glass, Bid Team Leader
Ventro Group, April 2022
“Everything went smoothly with the bid. We found the AM Bid team and their services very helpful. Previously we had been floundering in the dark, however, working with AM Bid we learned a lot from the experience and now feel more confident with bidding in

Ben Martin, Managing Director
Duct Clean Services, April 2022
“As someone with 20 years’ experience of writing client proposals, but absolutely no knowledge of public sector procurement, I was unsure where to start or how to structure and frame my pitch. AM Bid were incredibly quick to come back to me with a quote

Yara Journeys
Annabelle Beckwith, Founder & Director
Yara Journeys, December 2021
“We have worked with AM Bid over the last 5 years to improve our public sector tender success rates. We have also worked with them on a project to help further define our marketing strategy. During this time, we have found them to be highly

Cynthia Guthrie, Chief Executive Officer
Guthrie Group, November 2021
“Historically Green Cross Training had entered into tenders in the belief that we were experts in our subject and field. However, it soon became evident that the skill and knowledge required to submit a compelling bid was far greater than having the knowledge of the

Green Cross Training
Ayrtam Ryall, Managing Director
Green Cross Training, July 2021
“We have found both the people and the service at AM Bid to be excellent. For us, tender writing was a daunting prospect, but the approachability and guidance given by the team was an enjoyable and educational experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, money well

Alliance Creative
Steve Johnstone, Director
Alliance Creative, July 2021
“The Falkland Islands Company was presented with an opportunity to tender for a large housing project in The Falklands. As the potential clients were both The Government of The Falkland Islands and The Ministry of Defence, it was clear that we did not have the

The Falkland Islands Company
Kevin Ironside, Managing Director
The Falkland Islands Company, June 2021
“Having primarily operated within the private sector, delivering services to the largest technology companies in the world, Pursuit recognised our highly trained and motivated staff, combined with our cutting edge technologies, could be used to drive value within public sector projects. With no experience of

Pm Logo
Lorraine Gray, Director
Pursuit Marketing, May 2021

“Our company benefited from using the Interim Bid Staff service provided by AM Bid. Our Bid Manager/Writer was very professional, keeping us motivated and ensuring we met the required deadlines. It is a service we will benefit from utilising

Simon Collin, Director
Addison Hunt, March 2021
“We engaged with AM Bid to guide us through our first experience using a partner in this field. After our initial meeting, Andrew and the team professionally adjusted our focus to areas required to meet the high standard of sophisticated bid writing we had been

Gordon Burns, Managing Director
Kirkton Flooring, February 2021
“We used AM Bid to review a recent bid submission for a key client project. They provided a thoroughly professional and engaged service to us, giving both overall strategic comments on the bid as well as specific line by line commentary on what worked well

Will Rudd
Gillian Ogilvie, Managing Director
Will Rudd Davidson, February 2021
“Origo Services was familiar with pitch processes to win work in the private sector; but we were less familiar with how the public sector procured. I had followed AM Bid’s progress for several years and knew that they would be the right partner to work

Anthony Rafferty, Chief Executive Officer
Origo Services, September 2021
Corporate Members of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals
Corporate Members of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals