Bid Writing / Bid Management


Bid Writing and Proposals

Struggling to write your PQQs, Tenders and Proposals? We understand it can be daunting—which is why we’re here! Our process for bid writing, tender writing and bid management helps you create a stand-out submission. From examining what the client wants to unearth how best to present differentiators between yours & other offerings – no stone remains unturned in our process review of information used previously, along with upfront identification of any further info needed, which are all part of win themes/USPs planning. With us on board, every step’s carefully touchpoints so that nothing gets missed as you strive towards success.

We’ll kick off the process by preparing a Draft Answer Structure for your approval, making sure to have it ready in time so you can easily review and submit the response to the client. To cap things off, we’ll provide you with a Debrief Report loaded up with tips on how best to tackle future bid writing projects.

Bid Review & Editing

Let us take the hassle out of bid writing! We can review your PQQs, Tenders and Proposals with a comprehensive bid management service: conducting an in-depth evaluation to identify missing or incomplete responses; providing expert advice on how to optimize content for maximum impact; verifying accuracy and consistency throughout submissions; creating Debrief Reports that outline improvements for future bids. All this ensures all client questions are answered effectively — letting you stand head & shoulders above competitors.

Bid Management and Tender Writing

We’ll help you make the most informed decision on whether to bid or not and then provide project-managed support for crafting your tender submission. Our experienced team will guide you in highlighting winning themes, unique selling points and areas where you can stand apart from competitors. Plus, we know when and what questions should be asked throughout this process to consider every detail carefully – leaving nothing off the table!

Regular check-ins to ensure the project team is up to date on bid progress, along with facilitated reviews of drafts before submission. After sign-off, we’ll submit either electronically or in hard copy and provide a debrief report highlighting key learning points for future tender writing work.

Writing Award Submissions and Funding Applications

Our service will help you craft a winning application for your award submissions and funding applications! We’ll research the background of what sponsors, evaluators and success are looking for so that your submission is tailored to succeed. Additionally, we can conduct interviews with staff (and clients if applicable) in order to obtain evidence needed. Understanding Win Themes, USPs & Differentiators better?                      No worries – our team will facilitate Blue & Red Reviews as part of this process too. Lastly, after getting sign-off from you on the final draft; handling electronic or hard copy submission won’t be an issue either since we got it covered before providing a helpful Debrief Report outlining steps going forward towards future awards/funding apps successes!