Bid Training


Take Your Bidding to the Next Level

Make your bid team unstoppable! With the right skills and techniques, AM Bid can help you create winning bids for any tender. Take advantage of their expertise to hone in on that one area or boost success across all areas – flex those competitive muscles today!

Get the training your team needs with a completely custom-made program tailored to fit you and your specific requirements. With an assessment questionnaire beforehand, we’ll identify learning objectives suited for all levels of expertise – from beginners building on fundamental principles to advanced teams sharpening their mastery in bid performance management. You won’t just be getting relevant lessons; they will ensure tangible results that put bids over the top!

Our team of experts is here to provide you with an honest and in-depth analysis of your current bidding performance. We’ll answer any questions from recent – or even live – bids, so that everyone involved can benefit by taking what they’ve learned into their everyday work.

And crucially, your team will see the “secret sauce” of AM Bid’s Bid Toolkit and Tender Methodology to ensure you follow the very best bidding practices.

Call us today on 0800 043 0495 to upgrade your bid team’s performance.