Bid Training

Take Your Bidding to the Next Level

Responding successfully to bids and tenders is a skill – one that can be taught. If your bid team needs to improve in a specific area, or indeed, in all areas of bidding, then AM Bid can give them the tools to succeed.

Your training requirements are unique, which is why we will work with you to create a curriculum that is completely bespoke. This includes a self-assessment questionnaire beforehand, so your training isn’t just tailored to the right subject matter but is also aimed at the right level. Consequently, the training will be relevant and applicable, resulting in improved bid performance for all your bid writers and managers.

We’ll give an honest and accurate assessment of your current bidding performance, to identify shortfalls and opportunities before we work together through questions from recent – or even live – bids, so your colleagues can take what they learn into their everyday work.

And crucially, your team will see the “secret sauce” of AM Bid’s Bid Toolkit and Tender Methodology to ensure you follow the very best bidding practices.

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