2016 – How Bid Ready Are You?

With a growing economy operating in a context of increased pressure on both public and private sectors to extract value from tendering, 2016 will see significant bid activity.  How bid ready is your business, or do you just go from one bid to the next?  This article provides a simple checklist of 10 elements of […]

Who Needs to Be at Your Bid Kick Off Meeting?

If you were going to build a house, it would all start with the plans, then getting the foundations right. The same applies to bidding successfully. Time invested in the Bid Kick Off Meeting will reap many rewards during the bid process. Having the key people there will help get the project off to a […]

To Bid or Not To Bid??

Putting some structure around the Bid / No Bid decision is an important part of any bidding strategy.  Bidding everything in the belief that it’s a numbers game – the more you bid, the more chance you’ll win – is flawed reasoning.  It’s much better to be strategic about what, when, how and why you are bidding opportunities. So what criteria would you […]

What Is Your Bid Client Thinking?

Uncovering the thought processes of clients who are evaluating bids could give you the winning edge Whilst each client is unique, there are some common lines of thought that many will share.  It’s our view that the factors below are often insufficiently considered by busy bidders. Existing Supplier Relationship – Is this for a contract that […]

Why Your Scottish Bid Needs a Kilt

Bidding in Scotland is the same as bidding in England – just change the names?? Wrong! – I’m currently working for several companies who appreciate that there are fundamental differences, even when bidding for very similar services. Getting this right will help your business get a share of the £10 billion per annum of tendered […]