The Challenges and Benefits of Being the Incumbent Supplier

You’ve done a great job as the provider of services to your client for four years. You’re feeling confident about being reappointed; your past work will speak for you! You don’t feel that you need to put as much time into the tender response as you did to win it last time. Right? Research shows […]

Understanding the Buyer to Improve Your Bid Win Rates

Thinking about the buyer’s aims when you respond to a tender opportunity will increase your win rates. Directly addressing their objectives, whether stated in the tender documents or not, will help your proposal stand out from the crowd. Behind most public sector tenders is a procurement team or professional and a well-developed business case for […]

Winning Bids in the Telecoms Sector

The last 20 years have seen much change in the Telecoms sector with professional buyers having increased insight, expectations and sophistication. Technology trends have driven digitisation and an increased use of portals for bidding. Increasing convergence of Telecoms and broadcasting infrastructure has led to nationwide solutions rather than customised local networks. Corporations have merged and […]

21 Public Sector Bid Trends for 2021

2020 has been a year like no other; so what’s in store in the world of public sector bidding in 2021? What will be changing in our ‘new normal’? What steps can bidders take to ensure that they are prepared for the year ahead? We are going to set out what we consider will be the […]

How to Prepare for a Bid

If you’re expecting a bid or tender to be released soon, you might be inclined to wait for it to arrive before you start committing time and resources to it.  However, there are a few things that you should do ahead of time, to increase your prospects of success: Understand the buying organisation. Browse their […]

Losing Bids on Price? How to Reverse the Trend

If your business is regularly losing bids because of price, we’ve got 12 Top Tips to help you reverse that trend: 1. Understand the market price for your goods or service. Before you submit your bid, make sure you have taken the estimated contract value on the tender notice into account. If your own costs […]

Frameworks – To Bid or Not to Bid?

Public sector buyers often use Frameworks to select a short-list of pre-agreed suppliers. The organisations using that Framework (who might range from a single entity such as the NHS, to a large selection of buyers in a particular sector) then commit to obtaining those services from the ‘approved’ suppliers on the Framework. Frameworks: The Good, […]

Tender Clarification Question – Getting the Tactical Edge!

Clarification Questions (CQs) are a fundamental part of professionally managed procurements and frequently the only way to engage in a dialogue with the buyer once the tender has been published. As with any seller to buyer conversation, especially one where everyone gets to see a transcript of what has been said, it is worth being […]

How to Tackle Pricing Within Bids

All bids are evaluated on two key criteria: Price and Quality. Whatever the split between these criteria, you need to be clear how they are being evaluated and take action to maximise your overall score. This does not automatically mean you need to be the cheapest, or offer the most comprehensive solution. Having determined your […]

Kick-Off Meetings – Fundamental to Successful Bidding

Once you’ve made the ‘Go’ decision to embark on a bid, it can be tempting to get started on it straight away. If you are part of an organisation that is used to bidding for business, waiting for an official kick-off date can feel frustrating. This is understandable, but not advisable. A well-planned kick-off meeting […]