Beginners Guide to Public Contracts Scotland

As a first time or relatively new bidder, you may have heard the term ‘PCS’ being mentioned, but may be wondering what it means? Let us put you in the know, ‘PCS’ is the abbreviation for Public Contracts Scotland. What is Public Contracts Scotland? Public Contracts Scotland is the national advertising portal for all contracting […]

How to Choose Bid Win Themes

Selecting Bid Win Themes is a key part of Capture Planning and the Bid Kick Off Session.  Bid Win Themes should percolate your bid like the chorus in a song and provide the client with compelling reasons for selecting your company.  But how do you select win themes? and which ones will you choose?  This […]

3 reasons why SMEs are not bidding

It would be fair to say that SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) are pioneers when it comes to delivering a personalised, tailored service to the customer. Whilst business growth is essential for any sized company, it is particularly important for SMEs to grow and utilise effectively the smaller scale resources they have. In the past […]

Bidding for Social Housing Contracts? 10 points to ponder

To succeed when bidding for social housing maintenance contracts, tenderers need to demonstrate that they truly understand: the sector, the client, the residents and the communities in which they work.  If you can show good knowledge and empathy with the points below, you will find your tender evaluation scores starting to move northwards. 1. Context Show you get the […]

Making the most of Meet the Buyer

Meet the Buyer events are useful for a number of reasons, but many businesses don’t utilise them to their full potential. This article highlights 5 important benefits of attending a Meet the Buyer event. As an East Lothian based company, AM Bid Services took the opportunity to talk with both local buyers and suppliers about […]

3 Experience Levels in Which You Need to Hire a Bid Specialist

This article will identify 3 levels of experience in bidding. Each level presents an important occasion in which you need to bring in an expert in bidding to support your bidding process. Familiarity with these occasions is important as ultimately they are opportunities to grow your business. In a tough bidding environment it is easy […]

What Is a Bid?

You may have heard of bidding but not know a lot about it.  Here are some common questions and answers that will help raise your awareness of what a bid is. What is a bid? A bid is a response to an Invitation to Tender or a Request for a Proposal. What sort of organisations […]

Who Needs to Be at Your Bid Kick Off Meeting?

If you were going to build a house, it would all start with the plans, then getting the foundations right. The same applies to bidding successfully. Time invested in the Bid Kick Off Meeting will reap many rewards during the bid process. Having the key people there will help get the project off to a […]

12 Reasons Why Contractors May Not Bid

With the recession apparently over, there is currently a glut of work available, especially in the construction sector.  Whereas 2 years ago contractors were searching for bidding opportunities, now many are able to be highly selective about what they go for.  What are some of the reasons why they may choose not to bid an […]

To Bid or Not To Bid??

Putting some structure around the Bid / No Bid decision is an important part of any bidding strategy.  Bidding everything in the belief that it’s a numbers game – the more you bid, the more chance you’ll win – is flawed reasoning.  It’s much better to be strategic about what, when, how and why you are bidding opportunities. So what criteria would you […]