3 Experience Levels in Which You Need to Hire a Bid Specialist

This article will identify 3 levels of experience in bidding. Each level presents an important occasion in which you need to bring in an expert in bidding to support your bidding process. Familiarity with these occasions is important as ultimately they are opportunities to grow your business. In a tough bidding environment it is easy […]

What Is a Bid?

You may have heard of bidding but not know a lot about it.  Here are some common questions and answers that will help raise your awareness of what a bid is. What is a bid? A bid is a response to an Invitation to Tender or a Request for a Proposal. What sort of organisations […]

Who Needs to Be at Your Bid Kick Off Meeting?

If you were going to build a house, it would all start with the plans, then getting the foundations right. The same applies to bidding successfully. Time invested in the Bid Kick Off Meeting will reap many rewards during the bid process. Having the key people there will help get the project off to a […]

12 Reasons Why Contractors May Not Bid

With the recession apparently over, there is currently a glut of work available, especially in the construction sector.  Whereas 2 years ago contractors were searching for bidding opportunities, now many are able to be highly selective about what they go for.  What are some of the reasons why they may choose not to bid an […]

To Bid or Not To Bid??

Putting some structure around the Bid / No Bid decision is an important part of any bidding strategy.  Bidding everything in the belief that it’s a numbers game – the more you bid, the more chance you’ll win – is flawed reasoning.  It’s much better to be strategic about what, when, how and why you are bidding opportunities. So what criteria would you […]

How can you get ahead of the bid process?

Organisations that have a track record of delivering winning bids usually do not wait to start their work on a bid until the PQQ or Tender first appears. Has the client issued a Prior Information Notice (PIN)? This will contain some useful information and possibly a contact for further questions. It is well worth calling […]