How to Choose Bid Win Themes

Selecting Bid Win Themes is a key part of Capture Planning and the Bid Kick Off Session.  Bid Win Themes should percolate your bid like the chorus in a song and provide the client with compelling reasons for selecting your company.  But how do you select win themes? and which ones will you choose?  This […]

Procurement Reform in Scotland – Are You Ready for April 2016?

There are new rules affecting public procurement – most come into force on 18th April 2016. Whether you are a bidding organisation or a contracting authority – are you ready? What are the main changes and how will these impact on bidding? The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 introduces a new procurement regime for Scotland […]

3 reasons why SMEs are not bidding

It would be fair to say that SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) are pioneers when it comes to delivering a personalised, tailored service to the customer. Whilst business growth is essential for any sized company, it is particularly important for SMEs to grow and utilise effectively the smaller scale resources they have. In the past […]

Bid Trends in 2016

What Bid Trends are we likely to see in 2016? This article will help you to be aware of 5 important developments, some sector specific, that will impact the bidding process in 2016. As with all trends, the earlier you are aware of the direction of travel, the more time you have to bring your […]