Why Your Scottish Bid Needs a Kilt

Bidding in Scotland is the same as bidding in England – just change the names?? Wrong! – I’m currently working for several companies who appreciate that there are fundamental differences, even when bidding for very similar services. Getting this right will help your business get a share of the £10 billion per annum of tendered […]

Dispelling 7 Myths about Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)

Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) have been through some changes in recent years. So, it’s worth dispelling some common myths and misconceptions around PQQs in the bid process. 1. It’s just a tick box exercise with a bit of cut and paste. Whilst this approach may have got you through some PQQs 10 years ago, it […]

How can you get ahead of the bid process?

Organisations that have a track record of delivering winning bids usually do not wait to start their work on a bid until the PQQ or Tender first appears. Has the client issued a Prior Information Notice (PIN)? This will contain some useful information and possibly a contact for further questions. It is well worth calling […]

UK Green Investment Bank plc

Andrew brings deep experience in bid writing and bid management across a range of bids, from lower value to very high value bids involving complex projects. He has a keen understanding of public sector clients and what they expect from bid processes, and his strong grasp of commercial considerations is helpful in achieving win-wins for […]

PH Jones

Andrew is a competent and diligent bid writer, employing best practice and learnings in a very competitive environment, his engagement added significant value to the win rates of our business

Newcastle City Council

Andrew is an excellent bid writer who has a tremendous ability to understand the questions which the client wants answers to, and draft concise, relevant, and substantial answers accordingly.

British Gas

In my dealings to date with Andrew I’ve found that he provides a very professional, well organised and innovative contribution in the production of bids and proposals more generally. He is a strong team player who can be relied upon by colleagues to contribute in full and bring out the best in those involved.

Zenith Structural Access Solutions Limited

We have employed AM Bid Services on the preparation of tender submissions and PQQ’s and we can confidently state that our success rate has risen dramatically ever since. Their attention to detail has meant that we have secured multi-million pound contracts. We now use AM Bid Services on an ongoing basis and we are confident […]

Valley Heating Services Ltd

As it was our first attempt in bid writing, we thought we would engage AM Bid Services and were not disappointed. A full itinerary was laid out with costs against each item and timescales, which the team adhered to precisely, there were no surprises. We got what we expected and to a high standard.