“I have known Andrew and AM Bid for several years, but it wasn’t until mid-2021 that I fully engaged his services, shortly after I joined the board at Clancy. What I needed was someone that could help me navigate the fog of a department that, while effective, needed a culture change and increased throughput.

Andrew has really helped me over the past 18 months, offering sage and credible insight to myself and the team. He undertook a strategic review of our bidding activities including strategies, processes, and people – the full bid lifecycle. He also hosted workshops for everyone who touches bidding, to help promote greater understanding of the role of subject matter experts and bid contributors.

Our ability to make the right decisions, quickly, on whether to bid or not bid, has been a key success of Andrew’s time with us.

In addition, we have engaged many interim bid writers / managers from AM Bid as and when required and they have been able to hit the ground running whenever requested. I look forward to working more with AM Bid going forward.”