Interim Bid Staff

Keeping You on Track

Staff vacancies, absences and a high volume of bids are unfortunately part and parcel of running a business. Consequently, the option of short-term cover can make a real difference, particularly when you’re faced with must win tenders and bids.

AM Bid can step in to keep your business development running smoothly. Whether you need someone to manage your opportunities, write your proposals or deliver leadership and management for your bid function, we provide in-house professionals who can fill the void.

Part of the service means we can use our outside perspective to assess your processes, strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan to implement improvements so that your bids are run to industry best practice.

Your team members can also benefit from one-to-one coaching and mentoring, proving that you invest in them, increasing staff retention and all the while upskilling them.

Call us today on 0800 043 0495 to maintain momentum with your bids and enhance your overall tender performance.

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