Interim Bid Staff

Keeping You on Track

Making sure your business runs smoothly, regardless of staff absences and heavy workloads can be a challenge. Short-term cover solutions, however, provide the opportunity to keep operations going – even in light of tough tenders or high demand bids you need to win.

AM Bid can step in to keep your business development running smoothly. Whether you need someone to manage your opportunities, write your proposals or deliver leadership and management for your bid function, we provide in-house professionals who can fill the void.

Our expertise can be leveraged to identify areas for improvement, creating a strong and effective plan. We’ll help you bid with confidence, adhering to industry standards of excellence every step of the way.

Invest in your team and watch as they become more skilled! With one-on-one coaching and mentoring, you’ll not only retain the best employees – you’ll ensure their success.

Call us today on 0800 043 0495 to maintain momentum with your bids and enhance your overall tender performance.