Bid Writing Training

We can provide bespoke bid writing training tailored to the needs of your staff team. This can include:

Advance questionnaire to attendees that asks them to provide an assessment of their bid skills and training needs
Designing session(s) that directly address your staff bid writing training needs
Facilitating an honest discussion of how your business can improve its bidding performance
Helping staff teams understand the various stages within bidding processes with a particular focus on tuning into to what is important to the client at each stage of the process
Working through some questions from current / recent bids and providing a Toolkit and Methodology that can be used to craft winning bids
Comparing a “cut and paste” type response with a bespoke response that is personalised to the client and the specification
Providing you with a Debrief Report on the training session(s) with an honest assessment of both the skills and the development needs that were displayed

Interim Bid Staff for Bid Teams

We can provide Interim Bid Staff and Leadership solutions to cover vacancies, absences or workload spikes. This can include:

Providing Leadership and Management for your Bid Team
Taking on roles usually performed by Bid Directors, Head of Bids or Senior / Lead Bid Managers
Reviewing current team and individual strengths and areas for improvement including devising an Action Plan to optimise strengths and tackle weaknesses
Providing both team and one-to-one bid writing training, coaching and mentoring
Advice on bid staff recruitment, reward and retention

Bid Interview Presentations

We can work with your interview team to help them prepare to deliver a winning interview presentation. This can include:

Deconstructing the interview specification to get behind what is important to the client
Chairing an Interview Preparation Session to include both those who will represent the company and others who can input into the preparation
Ensuring that your interview response is tailored to the client’s specification, interview brief and strategic objectives
Helping develop content that is interesting and innovative
How to tailor the messages to the various attendees at the interview e.g. service users may have different expectations to the client’s interview team
Holding a Review Session that considers the draft content and the approach
Facilitating a Practice Session where we can play the part of the client and provide immediate feedback
If desired, we can attend the Interview in an observational role and give you specific feedback / coaching on your performance
Providing a Debrief Report with suggestions on steps you can take to get ready for future bids

Designing Interview Assessment Centres for Bid Staff Recruitment

We have an innovative approach which simulates actual bidding processes and competencies. This will deliver increased confidence in your recruitment choices. Our service can include:

Getting a clear understanding of the culture of your organisation in a bidding context
Getting a clear understanding of the skills, competencies and traits needed for success within your organisation
Designing a recruitment process that can test the skills, competencies and traits of interview candidates
Designing a timed bid writing exercise that is bespoke to your sector
Designing a role play scenario which simulates a stage in your bidding process e.g. obtaining information from subject matter experts; making an opening presentation at a Bid Kick-Off Meeting, etc
Suggesting external psychometric tests that are appropriate to the vacant role
If desired, we can be part of the interview team on the day and input into the selection decision

Preparing Staff for Competitive Dialogue Procedures

As many people are relatively unfamiliar with Competitive Dialogue Procedures, we can provide specific advice and assistance. This can include:

Chairing a Strategy Session to agree at the outset what your approach to the process will be
How you can maximise the value from the competitive dialogue sessions for both client and contractor
Which subjects to cover within dialogue sessions, and which should be taken outwith these sessions
How to structure the competitive dialogue sessions
How to refine your Solution in tandem with competitive dialogue sessions
How to use competitive dialogue sessions to propose alternative options to the client
How to ensure the client insights and learnings gained during the competitive dialogue sessions are built into your Solution
Providing a Debrief Report with suggestions on steps you can take to get ready for future Competitive Dialogue Processes
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bid writing bid management
interim bid staff and bid writing training
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