Bid Recruitment Assessment Centres

Build Your Best Bid Team

Building your bid team with the right people, brimming with potential and intelligence, who hold the right skills to win you more business, is a business-critical task.

AM Bid can provide expert assistance so you select the right individuals for your organisation – writers and managers who can help you win bid after bid in a professional and reliable manner. By choosing our Bid Recruitment Assessment Centres you’ll get a service that tests the skills, traits and competencies of your candidates.

The Bid Recruitment Assessment Centre can include:

  • A clear understanding of your bidding culture and the expertise required to thrive in it
  • A timed bid writing exercise relevant to your industry
  • A custom roleplay scenario simulating part of your bidding process
  • Direction to additional psychometric testing suites
  • A member of our team joining your interview panel

Recruitment is one of the most fundamental aspects of an organisation’s success. Call us today on 0800 043 0495 to make sure your bid team hires the right people.

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