Bid Recruitment Assessment Centres

Build Your Best Bid Team

Assemble the perfect team to get your business ready for success-one that’s high on potential and intelligence, with all the right skills necessary to take you further. Crafting a winning bid team is key!.

AM Bid can provide expert assistance so you select the right individuals for your organisation – writers and managers who can help you win bid after bid in a professional and reliable manner. By choosing our Bid Recruitment Assessment Centres you’ll get a service that tests the skills, traits and competencies of your candidates.

The Bid Recruitment Assessment Centre can include:

  • A clear understanding of your bidding culture and the expertise required to thrive in it
  • A timed bid writing exercise relevant to your industry
  • A custom roleplay scenario simulating part of your bidding process
  • Direction to additional psychometric testing suites
  • A member of our team joining your interview panel


Successful recruitment is essential for any organisation to reach its goals. Finding the right fit can make or break a company’s progress, so it’s crucial that hiring decisions are made carefully and thoughtfully.

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