Coaching for Bid Presentations

Stand Out in The Room

Having made it through to the bid presentation stage you are one step closer to winning. It’s imperative, however, that you stand out from the other presenters at this stage so you can secure the work and keep driving your company forward.

AM Bid will help you do exactly that. We’ll take the client specifications and help you put together a presentation that meets them. We’ll help you achieve consistency in your messaging by continuing your win themes and using the discriminators and differentiators from your proposal.

As a result, you will show the client how you can help them achieve their strategic objectives. Furthermore, we’ll teach you how to tailor your message to the individuals (and their personal objectives) in the room.

Together, we’ll run through a practice session with you, giving you feedback to fine-tune your performance and, if desired, we can join you on the day in a purely observational capacity to give feedback for future presentations.

Our approach has helped many clients move successfully from the presentation stage to discussing – and signing – a contract for the business.

Take your company one step closer to a winning bid today by calling us on 0800 043 0495.

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