Bid Gap Analysis

Honest, Accurate Feedback to Improve Your Bidding Output

Submitting a bid or proposal is one of the most satisfying aspects in business development, which can bring about great joy – only for it to be taken away should your hard work and creativity not gain recognition.

It’s at times like these where a review of your bids by a specialist can provide a real boost to your long-term business growth. AM Bid’s Health Check does exactly this, and you’ll benefit from this service through:

  • Gaining an insight into what clients think of your submissions
  • An assessment of whether you have the right elements in place for a winning bid
  • Identification of your USPs and differentiators
  • Filling the gaps in your current offerings
  • Optimisation of your bid process for a smoother submission experience
  • Effective bid/no bid decision making tools


Unlock the power of bidding for your organization’s success! Our Bid Gap Analysis will build strong foundations to revamp your bid process and supercharge growth.

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