£30m 2.5-year Design and Delivery of Earthworks for the Global Centre for Rail Excellence

Published Date – Monday 4th October 2021
Deadline Date – Monday 8th November 2021

Opportunity Overview

GCRE Limited (“ProjectCo”) ProjectCo is looking to procure a suitably qualified earthworks contractor with experience of designing and carrying out large scale earthworks projects to facilitate the subsequent design and construction of the Global Centre for Rail Excellence (the “Centre”). The Centre is to be constructed at the site of the former Nant Helen Opencast Coal site along with ancillary earthworks at the Onllwyn Washery. The completed centre will have two rail test track loops, rail sidings, buildings and other infrastructure.

The earthworks which are the subject of this procurement provide the foundation for that later infrastructure and are likely to comprise approximately 3 Million m³ of earth movement including (but not limited to) vegetation stripping, soil stripping, overburden excavation and placement to a design specification, associated selection of materials, overburden removal and placement in landscape balancing areas, soil spreading and final rehabilitation of landscaped profiles. The successful contractor is also required to provide temporary drainage during the construction phase together with the installation of permanent drainage during and on completion of construction.

ProjectCo wishes to work collaboratively with the Contractor in the design and delivery of earthworks for the Global Centre for Rail Excellence.

The contractor will be appointed on a two stage basis:

  • Stage 1 – the Contractor will develop the design of the earthworks so as to enable the Contractor to provide a priced proposal for the contractor to complete the design and carry out the construction of the earthworks at Stage 2 to meet ProjectCo’s requirements (“Stage 2 Proposal”). During Stage 1, the Contractor may also be instructed to design and carry out preliminary site activities such as vegetation stripping works.
  • Stage 2 – following acceptance by ProjectCo of the successful contractor’s Stage 2 Proposal, the successful contractor will proceed to finalise the design of, and carry out, the construction of the earthworks in accordance with the Stage 2 Proposal.

The Works are required to facilitate the works to create the railway test track, including the creation of structures and railway tracks (the “GCRE Phase 2 Works”) which will be the subject of a separate contract and procurement process.

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