£250m-£350m UK Wide Contract Opportunity

Industry – Residential property renting or leasing services – 70210000
Location of contract – Any region
Value of contract – £250.0m – £350.0m
Published date – 05 March 2020
Closing date – 09 April 2020
Contract start date – 27 May 2021
Contract end date – 26 May 2028

Residential property renting or leasing services. Residential property renting or leasing services. To provide military service personnel in the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, with substitute accommodation. This comprises of shared multi-occupancy Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) and Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA) for couples and families.

— source and management of privately rented/leased accommodation where no suitable service accommodation exists in accordance with MOD policy (JSP 464 tri-service accommodation regulations) and revised decent home standard, which can be found at the support documents section within the PQQ;
— provision of helpdesk for occupancy management and maintenance services, including managing applications, associated legal issues and customer liaison;
— move in/move out services, recording inventory and utility connections;
— management of bed space utilisation for multi-occupancy properties due to different tour lengths of service personnel;
— manage payment of rents and payment of utility bills;
— manage furnishing requirement in line with MOD policy (JSP 464 tri-service accommodation regulations) including inventory and through life management of assets;
— the supplier shall provide a Housing Management System (HMS) to discharge their responsibilities under the contract. The HMS must be suitable for on-premises and cloud based deployment. The HMS must meet all authority technical and policy requirements in addition to obtaining the requisite information assurance approvals. The HMS shall be deployed on an authority mandated Hosting Environment provided and supported by a third-party. The authority shall make available the Hosting Environment together with issued laptops to enable access. The supplier may provide auxiliary IS capability in support of the contract. Movement of data between any auxiliary systems and the HMS shall be via an appropriate authority provided mechanism. The supplier shall work with the authority together with the Hosting Environment provider to deploy suitable business continuity measures. Additional information can be found at the supporting documents section within the PQQ.

Around 90 % of accommodation currently provided is shared multi-occupancy Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) and around 10 % is Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA) for married service personnel or those in a civil partnership, and with families. There are currently around 2 500 instructions, 4 500 move in/outs per annum, with 3 000 properties in the portfolio housing 4 000 occupants. Indicative Rental Ceilings (IRC) can be used in any areas to provide a fair indication of the rental payable for properties in those locations.

The contract will be a single national lot with a minimum 5-year contract with options of 1 year plus 1 year – total potential 7 years.

There is the potential for the contract to support a MOD initiative to provide privately rented accommodation to a wider group of service personnel in the future through the future accommodation model (FAM) programme. A 3-year pilot began at the end of 2019 and if implemented fully, support for these elements would be subject to contract amendment.

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