CCS £30 Billion Construction Works Framework – Now Live!

The Crown Commercial Service are now welcoming bids for their £30 billion Construction Works framework. This is the largest value construction framework ever to be launched in the UK and also has a potential contract length of 10 years if all extensions are triggered by the CCS. There is also good news for the UK’s SMEs with the CCS stating on the recent webinar that they have designed the framework contracts to encourage greater participation of SMEs across the UK.

With the award criteria for all lots being 75% Quality / 25% Price, it is clear the CCS are wanting a high quality of suppliers being appointed on the framework. The 25% price split means that it will be harder for suppliers with poor quality scores to impact the overall score by deliberately going cheaper than competition, something that is common in the construction industry.

Recent negative impacts that some larger companies have had on their subcontractors with long payment terms have also been taken into consideration by the CCS. All suppliers will have to agree to prompt payment and fair terms. e.g. payment terms of a maximum 30 days for all subcontractors.

CCS Framework at a glance

  • 75% Quality / 25% Price for all lots
  • Submission date 15th March 2019
  • 11 lots with lot values ranging from £250m to £4bn
  • Lots 1-3 and 6-7 are split across 5 regions, North England, South England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Lot 4 is split between 3 regions, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • All remaining lots are procured on a UK-wide basis.

Lot Information

Lot Package Job values Lot value Places
1.1 Building and minor associated civils works £0 – £3m £3.5bn 100
1.2 Civils and minor associated building works £0 – £3m £1.5bn 50
2 Construction and associated services £3m – £10m £4bn 60
3 Construction and associated services £10m – £30m £4bn 60
4 Construction and associated services £30m – £80m £4bn 36
5 Construction and associated services £80m+ £3bn 12
6 Residential £2.25bn 60
7 High-rise accommodation £2.25bn 60
8 Maritime £1.5bn 6
9 Airfields £750m 6
10 Demolition £3bn 20
11 Construction Management £250m 20


Where AM Bid can help

A 75% Quality award criteria is great news IF you have an experienced bid team that are excellent at bid writing. With over 80 years’ bidding experience and 80%+ bid win rates it’s fair to say AM Bid are both experienced in and excellent at bid writing. We have a proven track record of supporting clients to be successful on construction frameworks and so are well placed to help bidders. For a no-obligation conversation, contact Andrew Morrison, Managing Director of AM Bid at or on 07507 523920.