Want to get the edge on your competitors and optimise prospects of winning?

Keeping ahead of competitors is at the top of every company’s agenda, but engaging a bid specialist could be a game changer to help you stay in the driving seat. AM Bid Services Founder and Managing Director Andrew Morrison shares his top tips on how a bid specialist can give businesses that all important competitive edge:

Provide external bidding expertise – you can access assistance of a type and quality that will be at least the equal of what the big main contractors have in their bidding function

Bid specialists are adept at projecting you in the best possible light and can help you to avoid procurement pitfalls

They know what the buyers are looking for and can help strengthen your responses with the type and quality of evidence needed

They have a focus on how to hit the high / maximum scores of the evaluation criteria

Suggesting advantageous tactical clarification questions and importantly assisting in drafting them

Introducing ideas for your business to consider e.g. on social value, they will have innovative ideas for how you can design a social value offering that will resonate with the buyer

Ensuring your bid is written for all audiences that make up the evaluation panel – this can include subject matter experts, procurement, finance, legal, strategy, health & safety and at times services users (e.g. residents in in the social housing sector)

In professionally handling the bid writing and bid management, they will allow you more time to do what you and your team do best which is working on and in your own business

Often the bid specialist will have experience of bidding with the clients you are trying to win work from, so they can provide valuable insight into what is important to that particular buyer

They will likely have a range of specialist contacts if there is a need for further specialism for the bid

Provide an initial no obligation call or meeting to discuss options for their involvement