Avoiding bid own goals!

First impressions are everything when you’re trying to secure business, Founder and Managing Director Andrew Morrison runs through his top ten tips on avoiding bid own goals to ensure you’re remembered for all the right reasons!

Refers to the wrong client name … oops, could be a show-stopper!

Not answering the question or answering the question you want to answer, not the one which is there

Generic response – feels “cut and paste”

Short response – 200 words for a 1,000 word response

Out of balance response – 1,000 word answers – 700 on the first topic, 200 on the second and 100 on the third

Response contradicts another answer in the bid – inconsistencies in the bid will be the first thing the client notices. Keep it coherent

No evidence provided – without supporting proof, the bid won’t stand out

No client benefits mentioned – if nothing jumps out at the client it won’t resonate with them

If you removed the client name, would you know who the bid is for?

Not submitting a compliant bid … game over!