5 Ways to Save Time During a Bid

When it comes to bidding, as soon as the client issues the documents, the clock is ticking. It’s now over to the bidder to ensure that the time available is optimised for the benefit of your submission. In other words, every minute, every hour and every day counts.

We’ve put together this handy list of 5 proven ways in which you can save the precious time available during what will be a very busy time for your business. In order to be successful, the team must work together, NOT in isolation.

1. Check the Submission Requirements right at the beginning

Make a list of all your questions you have regarding the submission and look for your answers in the client documents. Tip: Ask yourself: will you be typing straight into the submission portal? What are the word/page limits? Is there any guidance on use of attachments? Are there any prescribed font requirements? Are you uploading individual documents per question? Or is the submission all 1 document?

2. Pose Clarification Questions early

Fully read the ITT (Invitation to Tender) and accompanying client documents. If there’s anything you’re unsure about…Ask the client! Posing clarification questions at an early stage will level the playing field for bidders and will avoid you bidding on false assumptions.

3. Involve all key staff from the beginning

During a bid, it’s crucial that all members of the team work together at all levels. For example, your Business Development Executive who meets with customers daily will most likely possess golden nuggets of information, customer anecdotes which can be used to directly answer the client’s questions. Involve key staff from Finance and Operations at an early stage – they need to be involved in solution development.

Additionally, where possible try and organise key staff holidays outwith during busy bid times – staff being on holiday at these pivotal times can hurt the final submission.

4. Delegate bid tasks effectively

Assessing the key strengths and skills of your staff will save time. Managing a bid as a project will help ensure that dependencies and contingencies are built into the project. Ensure there is a named back up for all key roles within the bid preparation.

5. Seek external assistance

We exist to help you save time and resources, taking the pain out of bidding. Whether your key staff are on holiday and you need an extra pair of hands, or struggling to find that winning edge, contact us today to discuss your bidding needs.

After all we fully understand… time IS money!