AM Bid March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our March Newsletter

Like the AM Bid team, I am sure you are enjoying the start of Spring and looking forward to the gradual return to a more normal life. This is always a busy time of year in the bid world and March 2021 is no different. We are experiencing an increasing number of enquiries for our bid services –
especially for retenders, interim placements and bid training.
I hope you will find the articles in this newsletter helpful to your bidding activities. The Employee Engagement article contains valuable insight from
Yvonne Webb - ActionCOACH and the ISO Certification article features input from Ken Neill -  IMSM. We also discuss how to win bids in the Utilities Sector as well as the occasions when an internal bid team can benefit from using External Bid Specialists.

Hope you can enjoy some time off with family and friends when the
Easter holidays come round.

Best regards 

Andrew Morrison
Founder & BD Director

Employee Engagement, People Development and Team Culture in Bid Responses

Organisations must not lose sight of the fact that people are their most valuable asset. Therefore, it is of great benefit to engage an external expert to give a different perspective and a fresh pair of eyes on the human element of your business. This will enable bid responses to be robust when commenting on employee engagement, people development and team culture and
will demonstrate that your focus is on constantly improving
your business through its people.

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How ISO Certification Helps Bid Qualification

Industry recognised standards certification is increasingly important and is often mandatory when bidding. Certification provides buyers with assurance that your business has robust management systems in place and evidences your consistent delivery of high-quality services. Annual audits to retain
certification assess timely identification of non-conformities and
tracks that they are resolved.

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Winning Bids in the Utilities Sector

Although we will focus on how retail utility services, gas, electricity and water, can win bids in the Public Sector, the principles of this article are relevant to all industry and commercial sectors. What is crucial to remember is that the
key steps in the bidding process remain consistent.

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We Have a Bid Team –
Why Do We Need an External Bid Specialist?

When a company has an existing bid team, can there be value in bringing in an external bid specialist? Yes, there are many occasions when a bid specialist can add value for existing bid teams. Bid specialists also help organisations who have no bid team of their own to identify opportunities, review the bidding documentation, gather the required information, structure responses,
write them up, manage and upload bids – the whole end-to-end process.

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