Market Intelligence

Giving You the Full Picture

Competitor and Client Intelligence

The more you know about your prospective client and your competitors going into a bid, the more accurately you can shape a winning message. AM Bid compiles reports that are both ethical and legal to give you the information you need so craft a successful pitch.

Our Client Intelligence Report tells you a client’s:

  • Strategy and objectives
  • Internal and external drivers
  • Likely hot buttons
  • Current contractors and their performance
  • Approach to risk

This information will enable you to tailor your bid to their deep-seated values, making their decision to award you the business much easier.

Meanwhile, our Competitor Intelligence Report will tell you a competitor’s:

  • Company mission and approach
  • Likely USPs and differentiators
  • Current performance
  • Possible current client list
  • Internal/external pressures

With this information you will be able to develop a competitive advantage and unique solution in your bid, positioning yourself a step ahead of the competition in your client’s thinking.

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