Getting Ahead in the Competitive Dialogue Process

Being invited to take part in the competitive dialogue process is a hugely encouraging sign as it proves the client recognises you as an expert and a likely service provider. If you do well, you’ll set yourself apart from your competition at an early stage in your client’s thinking and will be able to shape their needs to fit your company’s capabilities. Of course, your competitors will be trying to achieve exactly the same!

AM Bid can work with you to formulate a strategic plan for your Competitive Dialogue Process. Together, we’ll begin by agreeing your approach to your time with the client, what you want to achieve from the sessions you have and which subjects to cover. We’ll also help you propose alternative solutions to the client convincingly, so they can quickly see the benefits of working with you.

Throughout the process, we’ll make sure the insights you’ve learned from your client are built into your solution and proposal, ensuring your response is tailored to their needs and answers their business challenges.

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