Getting Ahead in the Competitive Dialogue Process


Being invited to participate in the competitive dialogue process is a major compliment – it signifies that your client views you as an expert and potential service provider. Utilise this incredible opportunity by showing off what separates you from competitors while simultaneously ensuring their needs fit with your company’s capabilities. You can take ownership of the entire situation if executed properly – but consider that close rivals are also gunning for top spot!

AM Bid can work with you to formulate a strategic plan for your Competitive Dialogue Process. Together, we’ll begin by agreeing your approach to your time with the client, what you want to achieve from the sessions you have and which subjects to cover. We’ll also help you propose alternative solutions to the client convincingly, so they can quickly see the benefits of working with you.

We’ll help you craft proposals that are uniquely tailored to each client, by leveraging the insights you’ve uncovered. Your response will be strategically crafted from a deep understanding of their needs and challenges, so they know we mean business!

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