Bid Strategy Advice

Honing Your Approach

Stepping away from the pressurised environment of a live bid and assessing your approach can be one of the most valuable activities when it comes to improving your business development function. You can take the time to assess what works, what doesn’t and how to improve your processes and responses.

AM Bid helps organisations improve their bidding approach so it joins up with their business development strategy, resulting in more wins. We can do this for you by reviewing your recent bids and client feedback as a starting point. We’ll then assess your marketplace, identifying any emerging trends and where you sit within it.

From this, we’ll be able to unlock the benefits that come from a strategic approach to bidding, including devising a bid library that you can pack with compelling evidence such as testimonials, awards, accreditations, statistics and other persuasive content.

Crucially, we’ll work with you to devise an action plan to ensure the changes are implemented. This means you’ll start to realise the benefits of bidding strategically and successfully for sustainable business growth.

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