AM Bid Achieves 81% Bid Success Rate – Now Independently Audited

We are very proud of our 80%+ success rate at AM Bid – a rate we have sustained continually since the business was established in 2016. Bidding at 80% success across multiple sectors and industries at the volume we do is no mean feat, so we wanted to ensure our success rates were provided with […]

Transforming Public Procurement – The UK Government’s Green Paper

The Cabinet Office has recently released its Green Paper outlining proposed changes in public procurement now that we have left the EU. This is a unique opportunity to remould the public procurement process in the UK and show that we are open and ready for business post-Brexit. Certain changes have already been introduced e.g. the […]

Laying the Foundations for a Winning Construction Bid

There are many opportunities in the private and public sectors to tender to deliver construction services. Similar principles apply to both, and following these tips will increase your prospects of success. Passing the qualification stage The first hurdle you need to negotiate safely is the qualification stage, which looks back at what you have achieved […]

How Can a Marketing Plan Help You Win Bids?

A successful business is one that knows who they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. Not all businesses have a core vision driving them and day-to-day delivery can get in the way of having the time and clarity to plan for the future. It is crucial to take the time […]

How SMEs Can Overcome Challenges When Bidding to the Public Sector

The public sector in the UK spends an incredible £290 billion per annum with third party organisations. Most of this spend is awarded through competitive procurement exercises. Some organisations, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SME businesses), are reluctant to engage with competitive procurement processes for a variety of reasons. In this article, I will be […]

8 Sound Reasons to Consider Bidding for Public Sector Contracts

The public sector in the UK spends an incredible £290 billion per annum with third party organisations. Most of this spend is awarded through competitive procurement exercises. In the current economic climate some existing markets are no longer viable or sustainable. This is causing many organisations to consider bidding to the public sector. In this […]

To Create a Better Bid … Put Yourself in Their Shoes!

You’re spending a lot of time and putting considerable thought into that significant, personalised bid. You’ve honed in on your USP, what only you can offer that others can’t, and you’re thinking about how to articulate it. Before you put pen to paper, stop!  Research into evaluation panels for bids suggests that there are 5.4 […]

The Challenges and Benefits of Being the Incumbent Supplier

You’ve done a great job as the provider of services to your client for four years. You’re feeling confident about being reappointed; your past work will speak for you! You don’t feel that you need to put as much time into the tender response as you did to win it last time. Right? Research shows […]

Understanding the Buyer to Improve Your Bid Win Rates

Thinking about the buyer’s aims when you respond to a tender opportunity will increase your win rates. Directly addressing their objectives, whether stated in the tender documents or not, will help your proposal stand out from the crowd. Behind most public sector tenders is a procurement team or professional and a well-developed business case for […]

Winning Bids in the Telecoms Sector

The last 20 years have seen much change in the Telecoms sector with professional buyers having increased insight, expectations and sophistication. Technology trends have driven digitisation and an increased use of portals for bidding. Increasing convergence of Telecoms and broadcasting infrastructure has led to nationwide solutions rather than customised local networks. Corporations have merged and […]