Getting Ready for the Construction Sector Revolution

The Construction Playbook, Procurement Green Paper and Pagabo’s conversations with industry disruptors about the ‘Future of Construction’ all herald change for the construction industry. Procurement changes are welcomed as an opportunity to reset and to refocus on procurement as being integral to achieving value, social value and innovation, including harnessing the skills of the dynamic […]

Winning Bids in the Utilities Sector

Although we will focus on how retail utility services, gas, electricity and water, can win bids in the Public Sector, the principles of this article are relevant to all industry and commercial sectors. What is crucial to remember is that the key steps in the bidding process remain consistent. Assessing the opportunity to support the […]

We Have a Bid Team – Why Do We Need an External Bid Specialist?

When a company has an existing bid team, can there be value in bringing in an external bid specialist? Yes, there are many occasions when a bid specialist can add value for existing bid teams. Bid specialists also help organisations who have no bid team of their own to identify opportunities, review the bidding documentation, […]

Employee Engagement, People Development and Team Culture in Bid Responses

Organisations must not lose sight of the fact that people are their most valuable asset. Therefore, it is of great benefit to engage an external expert to give a different perspective and a fresh pair of eyes on the human element of your business. This will enable bid responses to be robust when commenting on […]

AM Bid Achieves 81% Bid Success Rate – Now Independently Audited

We are very proud of our 80%+ success rate at AM Bid – a rate we have sustained continually since the business was established in 2016. Bidding at 80% success across multiple sectors and industries at the volume we do is no mean feat, so we wanted to ensure our success rates were provided with […]

Transforming Public Procurement – The UK Government’s Green Paper

The Cabinet Office has recently released its Green Paper outlining proposed changes in public procurement now that we have left the EU. This is a unique opportunity to remould the public procurement process in the UK and show that we are open and ready for business post-Brexit. Certain changes have already been introduced e.g. the […]

Laying the Foundations for a Winning Construction Bid

There are many opportunities in the private and public sectors to tender to deliver construction services. Similar principles apply to both, and following these tips will increase your prospects of success. Passing the qualification stage The first hurdle you need to negotiate safely is the qualification stage, which looks back at what you have achieved […]

How Can a Marketing Plan Help You Win Bids?

A successful business is one that knows who they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. Not all businesses have a core vision driving them and day-to-day delivery can get in the way of having the time and clarity to plan for the future. It is crucial to take the time […]

How SMEs Can Overcome Challenges When Bidding to the Public Sector

The public sector in the UK spends an incredible £290 billion per annum with third party organisations. Most of this spend is awarded through competitive procurement exercises. Some organisations, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SME businesses), are reluctant to engage with competitive procurement processes for a variety of reasons. In this article, I will be […]

8 Sound Reasons to Consider Bidding for Public Sector Contracts

The public sector in the UK spends an incredible £290 billion per annum with third party organisations. Most of this spend is awarded through competitive procurement exercises. In the current economic climate some existing markets are no longer viable or sustainable. This is causing many organisations to consider bidding to the public sector. In this […]