3 Experience Levels in Which You Need to Hire a Bid Specialist

This article will identify 3 levels of experience in bidding. Each level presents an important occasion in which you need to bring in an expert in bidding to support your bidding process. Familiarity with these occasions is important as ultimately they are opportunities to grow your business. In a tough bidding environment it is easy to miss out on potentially business changing contracts. As you read through this article you may see an occasion you can identify with.

  1. No Experience

You already manage a successful business and see potential for further growth. You also see that a barrier to that growth is successfully bidding for additional work. Winning a tendered contract is an excellent way to develop the business as it ensures guaranteed work for a specific period of time. Further, you may see other benefits of working with organisations in a peer relationship that is mutually beneficial.

However, you recognise that although your strength lies in the operational aspects of your business, you actually do not have any experience in writing bids. This is an occasion where you definitely need expert help.

  1. Limited Experience

Perhaps you are not completely new to bidding and are familiar with the process as you have already gained some experience in bidding for tendered contracts. However, the most recent opportunity is larger and more complex than your previous experience. You see the potential for success but are uncertain on a number of aspects. Furthermore, the opportunity is exciting for your business and you are motivated for success.

This is an occasion where you need an expert to help you be successful and develop your own experience in the process.

  1. Highly Experienced

Perhaps you are a professional with extensive experience in bidding. As such, you appreciate the time and methodical planning and attention to detail that successful bids require. You are already intensely occupied with a demanding bid or even several bids running concurrently. Your work capacity is at its limit and maybe even beyond it. However, further bidding opportunities continue to present potential value to the business that should not be missed.

This is an occasion to bring in an external bid professional to support and complement your existing team. This will enable support for new bids and existing bids that may be suffering from a drop in your team’s capacity e.g. due to number of simultaneous bids, holidays, sickness, etc.

Bringing in a bid specialist will add value to your bids.  The specialist brings extensive bid experience gained in a wide range of sectors.  For more hints and tips on bidding, please see: