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We are bid specialists who assist local, regional and national organisations with delivering business growth by creating winning bids and proposals. We have a growing reputation as one of the UK’s leading bidding consultancies.

Through working in a wide range of sectors, we can add value to any bidding situation. Our services include: Full Bid Writing; Bid Review, Edit & Improve; Bid Training; Bid Strategy & Processes and Providing Interim Bid Staff. Our success rate is 1st or 2nd on Quality scoring in 90% of our bids with a recent customer survey indicating 100% satisfaction with our services.

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Bidding and Brexit - Some of the questions

Bidding and Brexit:
Some of the questions

Since the Brexit vote, we have received a number of questions: Is the OJEU process still applicable to UK public sector buyers? Will Brexit spell the end of public sector procurement as we know it?

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Who is marking your bid

Who is marking
your bid?

When composing responses to bids, how much thought do you give to those who will be marking the bid? How much do they matter … you just need to answer the questions, right?

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How can you get ahead of the bid process?

How can you get
ahead of the bid process?

Organisations that have a track record of delivering winning bids usually do not wait to start their work on a bid until the PQQ or Tender first appears. What steps can you take to get ahead of the game?

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3 top tips on bringing social value to life in your bid

3 top tips on bringing social value
to life in your bid

When it comes to bidding for contracts with the public sector, there is now substantial emphasis on Social Value / Community Benefits.

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